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        Cancot Industrial Co., Ltd. home eco-friendly materials coated in water-based paint is a professional R & D, production, sales and technical services to high-tech enterprises, and with the international advanced level of polymer research and development capabilities, continuous water-based paint to overcome technical difficulties one after another, will China's environmental protection water-based paint manufacturing techniques and product quality, performance, etc. into an unprecedented heights!

        70 years since the last century, beginning with South China University of polymer materials R & D team of experts has already begun, led by a true environmental value of water-based polymer products for groundbreaking research and technological advances continue to make breakthroughs and product R & D results, more is to obtain a number of provincial and national scientific and technological progress awards. Amazing scientific experts have serious and rigorous manner, the line within the exemplary R & D team to lead a large number of advanced countries in reference to the water-based products, combined with China's industrial development and on the basis of consumption levels, and ultimately the water-based paint orientation of industrial products for multi-system, multi-structure compound; and synthetic polymer materials with long-term aspects of the test and application, selection and modification of the resin is also a lot of research, especially in the amino resin, water-based acrylic, water-based polyurethane and epoxy has made a lot of breakthrough, the use of copolymers, blends and so on, will be effectively a variety of resin modification, grafting, so that the end product with a single resin-free to compare the overall performance, new product development for more innovative space wide left; while the resin in the synthesis of water-based system is successfully adopted polymerization, reverse polymerization, emulsion polymerization, soap-free polymerization, microemulsion polymerization , directed and interpenetrating polymer networks, polymer technology, but also according to different requirements, the synthesis of various shapes such as: core-shell type, gradient, strawberry type, island type, snowman, etc.-and hollow-type emulsion, effectively improved resin film after reflection and refraction of light by creating a different surface, but also to more effectively solve the water and the hardness of water-based paint and other technical bottlenecks, now this technology continue to be the world's top level.

        Into the 21st century, the Canadian company and the house painted work closely with R & D team of experts has been sent back to the mountains turn the sea into the trend, the expert team of the forward-looking, advanced environmental protection technology into the Canadian home based paint coating company, so that the rate house painted beginning of the founder to build the latest, highest technology platform, one beyond the other can only use the common water-based resin, domestic and foreign enterprises to create highly cost-effective water-based paint products. Canada also will be able to rely on family painted the outstanding R & D team to provide our clients the most stable quality, best performance, lowest cost, most affordable price and the true application of the most efficient environmentally friendly water-based product!

        Cancot Industrial Co., Ltd. home eco-friendly materials coated with the existing R & D staff of 10 people, including 2 senior, intermediate grade 3, the initial technical personnel 5. Canadian companies have realized the house painted decoration products with environmentally friendly water-based paint, furniture and environmental products Waterborne Wood Coatings scale applications by domestic and foreign clients and professional bodies. In 2008 the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of furniture invited to participate as the main drafters of the "Children's Furniture Safety Standards" to develop and provide standards for environmentally friendly water-based product testing, plus house painted the company as the only invited to participate in the industrial upgrading and normative work of the paint company.

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